Himsrot Dried Fruit Amla Gulkand- 200gm + Mango Jam – 250gm | Buy 1 Fruit Get 1 Jam Free

Organic Mango Marmalade is made with 80% real fruit pulp, ensuring natural sweetness without excessive sugar. This marmalade contains generous fruit chunks for an unparalleled taste and a high vitamin and mineral content. It is crafted in small batches with hand-stirring in open pans for a rich texture and authentic flavor. Himsrot Organic Mango Marmalade is a rich source of vitamins and minerals, ideal for building immunity and preventing skin damage. It is also a good source of energy and fiber, making it a healthy and filling snack for active people. This marmalade is made with all-natural ingredients that are minimally processed to retain the natural goodness. It is also vegan, gluten-free, and contains no preservatives or corn syrup.


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Our Dried Candied Amla Gulkand is made with utmost care and precision, using handpicked amla (Indian gooseberries) and the finest quality ingredients. These succulent amla fruits are skillfully candied to perfection, ensuring a unique texture that tantalizes your taste buds with each bite. But what makes our product truly exceptional is the addition of Gulkand, a traditional Indian delicacy renowned for its numerous health benefits. Gulkand is prepared by preserving rose petals in a blend of honey and sugar, creating a rich and fragrant mixture that complements the tangy amla flavor. Now, let’s talk about the health benefits packed into every bite. Amla is a powerhouse of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, known to boost immunity, improve digestion, and nourish your skin and hair. It’s a natural source of Vitamin C, which helps strengthen your immune system and fights off infections. The Gulkand in our candied amla adds an extra dose of goodness. It has cooling properties that help in reducing body heat, improving digestion, and promoting a healthy gut. The presence of rose petals brings a touch of natural fragrance and aids in relaxation and stress reduction. Whether you enjoy it as a standalone snack, add it to your breakfast bowl, or incorporate it into your dessert recipes, Himsrot’s Dried Candied Amla Gulkand is the perfect guilt-free indulgence. Each bite will transport you to a realm of exquisite flavors and wellbeing. Packaged meticulously to retain freshness, our Dried Candied Amla Gulkand makes for an ideal gift for your loved ones who appreciate the finer things in life. It’s suitable for all occasions, be it festive celebrations, family gatherings, or a personal indulgence during your me-time. So, treat yourself to the enticing blend of health and sweetness with Himsrot’s Dried Candied Amla Gulkand. Order now and experience the goodness of nature’s bounty in every bite.

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